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Laurel wreath and Scientology/Richard Ailes and The Heritage Foundation

In some countries the laurel wreath is used as symbol of the master's degree. The wreath is given to young masters in the graduation ceremony of the university. The word "Laureate" in 'poet laureate' refers to being signified by the laurel wreath. The medieval Florentine poet and philosopher Dante Alighieri,[dubious ] a graduate of the Sicilian School, is often represented in paintings and sculpture wearing a laurel wreath.

http://www.heritage.org/research/reports/2011/04/heritage-s-luce-award-goes-to-fox-chairman-ailes (Roger Ailes gets Luce Award from Heritage Foundation)
Past recipients of the Luce Award include Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher; philanthropists Richard and Helen DeVos; and two celebrated brothers – William F. and James L. Buckley.
The Heritage Foundation is the nation’s most broadly supported public policy research institute, with more than 710,000 individual, foundation and corporate donors. Founded in 1973, it develops public policy solutions that advance free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional values and a strong national defense.

Has Roger Ailes been keeping tabs on your phone calls? A disgrunted former Fox News producer claims he has the capability thanks to a secret "brain room" that the network uses for "counterintelligence and black ops."

Actually, "disgruntled" is an understatement. Dan Cooper, who was fired from the Rupert Murdoch-owned channel shortly after its 1996 launch, has an ax the size of Paul Bunyan's to grind.

Potentially the most explosive among Cooper's many lurid claims, assuming anyone believes them, arises from his account of how his agent, Richard Leibner, dropped him as a client. Leibner did so, asserts Cooper, under pressure from Ailes, who had discovered that Cooper was an anonymous source for a New York magazine story about him, written by ex-Republican David Brock.
And how did Ailes learn that?

Certainly Brock didn't tell him. Of course. Fox News had gotten Brock's telephone records from the phone company, and my phone number was on the list. Deep in the bowels of 1211 Avenue of the Americas, News Corporation's New York headquarters, was what Roger called The Brain Room. Most people thought it was simply the research department of Fox News. But unlike virtually everybody else, because I had to design and build the Brain Room, I knew it also housed a counterintelligence and black ops office. So accessing phone records was easy pie.


Mon May 16, 2011 at 12:30:25 PM EST

Erik Prince, Brother of Betsy DeVos, Building Mercenary Army in UAE
The Prince and DeVos families are at the intersection of radical free market privatization and the Religious Right, and have made an enormous impact on the current political atmosphere.  Erik Prince played a significant role in privatizing military functions while his older sister Betsy is at the helm of a movement to privatize public schools. The billionaire brother/sister duo are also vice presidents of their parents' foundation which is one of the major funders of Focus on Family and Family Research Council and array of missionary organizations and right-wing think tanks.



The Foundation wields considerable influence in Washington, and enjoyed particular prominence during the Reagan administration. Its initial funding was provided by Joseph Coors, of the Coors beer empire, and Richard Mellon Scaife, heir of the Mellon industrial and banking fortune. The Foundation maintains strong ties with the London Institute of Economic Affairs and the Mont Pelerin Society.
With a long history of receiving large donations from overseas, Heritage continues to rake in a minimum of several hundred thousand dollars from Taiwan and South Korea each year.
In autumn of 1988, the South Korean National Assembly uncovered a document revealing that Korean intelligence gave $2.2 million to the Heritage Foundation on the sly during the early 1980s. Heritage officials "categorically deny" the accusation.



Phone Hacking Scandal

In July 2011 it emerged that Cameron met key executives of Murdoch's News Corporation 26 times during the 14 months that Cameron had served as Prime Minister.[59] It was also reported that Murdoch had given Cameron a personal guarantee that there would be no risk attached to hiring Andy Coulson, the former editor of News of the World, as the Conservative Party's communication director in 2007.[60] This was in spite of Coulson having resigned as editor over phone hacking by a reporter. Cameron chose to take Murdoch's advice, despite warnings from Nick Clegg, Lord Ashdown and The Guardian.[61] Coulson resigned his post in 2011 and was later arrested and questioned on allegations of further criminal activity at The News of the World, specifically the News International phone hacking scandal.

Operation Elveden is a British police investigation.[1] It was opened as a result of documents provided by News International to the Operation Weeting investigation.[2]
According to the Metropolitan Police website, Operation Elveden is an investigation into allegations of inappropriate payments to police.[3] It is being supervised by the Independent Police Complaints Commission.[4]
The investigation is led by Deputy Assistant Commissioner Sue Akers of the Metropolitan Police Service,[2] who is also leading Operation Weeting. The Elveden suspects are given numbers to identify them. Currently three people have been arrested in Elveden. The service's Directorate of Professional Standards is also involved in the investigation.[2]

[edit] References


Operation Motorman was a 2003 investigation by the Information Commissioner's Office into allegations of offences under the Data Protection Act by the British press.[1][2][3]
The ICO first became aware of the scale of the problem in November 2002, when an ICO investigator attended a search under warrant of John Boyall, a private investigator in Surrey. Documents found on the premises revealed the misuse of data from the Police National Computer. This discovery led to two investigations: Operation Motorman, conducted by the ICO, and Operation Glade, conducted by the Metropolitan Police.
The ICO later obtained search warrants for the Hampshire office of a private detective Steve Whittamore. A huge cache of documents revealed, in precise detail, a network of police and public employees illegally selling personal information obtained from government computer systems.
In February 2004, four suspects plead guilty to conspiring to commit misconduct in public office: Wittamore and Boyall, retire police office Alan King, and Paul Marshall, a police communications officer.

e Solicitors Regulation Authority was launched on 29 January 2007. It is the regulatory body for more than 120,000 solicitors in England and Wales. Its purpose is "to set, promote and secure in the public interest standards of behaviour and professional performance necessary to ensure that clients receive a good service and that the rule of law is upheld"[1] .
It was previously known as the Law Society Regulation Board, but changed its name to emphasise its independence; it remains part of the Law Society of England and Wales due to administrative and legal reasons, but operates separately from it.


[edit] Activities

The Law Society delegated regulatory powers to the SRA and charged it to exercise those functions independently and in the public interest. This was done following a report by Sir David Clementi of all legal services in England and Wales, which recommended that professional bodies holding both regulatory and representative responsibilities should separate those roles. (see Report of the Review of the Regulatory Framework for Legal Services in England and Wales).
Those functions include, but are not limited to: setting down minimum academic and behavioural standards for entry into the profession and ensuring continued compliance with these standards.; the issue of yearly Practising Certificates; the investigation of allegations of a failure to meet the set behavioural standards, and breaches of the Code of Conduct and other rules; intervention into a solicitor's firm in the public interest.
The SRA is headed by Antony Townsend (Chief Executive), who reports to the SRA Board chaired by Charles Plant.

[edit] History

In July 2011 the Solicitors Regulation Authority announced that it would be launching a formal inquiry into the role played by solicitors in the News International phone hacking scandal.[2][3]

The News Corporation Hacking Scandal is an ongoing controversy involving the News of the World, a now-defunct British tabloid newspaper published by News International — a subsidiary of News Corporation — and the allegations that individuals working for the newspaper engaged in phone hacking, computer hacking, or corruption.

[edit] Arrests

[edit] Rebekah Brooks

Rebekah Brooks testifies about the scandal.
Rebekah Brooks was Editor of the News of the World from 2000-2003. She subsequently rose through ranks, eventually serving as chief executive of News International. She was arrested on 17 July.

[edit] Andy Coulson

Andy Coulson was the editor of the News of the World from 2003 until his resignation in 2007, following the conviction of one of the newspaper's reporters in relation to illegal phone-hacking. He subsequently joined David Cameron's personnel as communications director, until announcing his departure on 21 January 2011 because of continued media coverage of the phone-hacking affair.[1][2] He was arrested on 8 July 2011.[3]

[edit] Neil Wallis

Neil Wallis was a 35-year-long veteran of News International who joined News of the World in 2003 as a Deputy Editor, under Coulson, and in 2007 became its Executive Editor, before leaving in 2009. He was arrested on 14 July on suspicion of conspiring to intercept communications.

[edit] James Weatherup

James Weatherup was a News of the World journalist who rose to the rank of Chief Reporter under Rebekah Brooks. He was arrested on 14 April 2011.

[edit] Glenn Mulcaire

Glenn Mulcaire is a former private investigator who was jailed in 2007 for illegally accessing voicemails for the News of the World.

[edit] Clive Goodman

Clive Goodman was the royal editor at the News of the World. He was arrested in August 2006 and later jailed for illegally intercepting phone messages, in this case those pertaining to the royal family. On 8 July 2011, Goodman was again arrested after new revelations about phone hacking had come to light.

[edit] John Boyall, Steve Whittamore, Paul Marshall, Alan King

In 2004, four men each pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit misconduct in public office. Paul Marshall, a civilian worker in a police station, had accessed police computer record (by fabricating emergency calls as justification). Alan King, a retired police officer, had acted as intermediary. John Boyall and Steve Whittamore, two private investigator, had in turn been passing that information on to media outlets.

[edit] Resignations

[edit] Paul Stephenson

From 2009-2011, Paul Stephenson was Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis, the highest ranking officer within the Metropolitan Police Service. On 17 July 2011, he announced his intention to resign from the post due to his connection with Neil Wallis.[4][5]

[edit] John Yates

John Yates was Assistant Commissioner in the London Metropolitan Police Service. He resigned on 18 July.

[edit] NewsCorp executives and affiliated

[edit] James Murdoch

James and Rupert Murdoch appear before the parliamentary committee.
James Murdoch is the son of media mogul Rupert Murdoch. James Murdoch currently serves as chairman and chief executive of News Corporation. In his testimony before the parliamentary committe James Murdoch denied reading or being aware of the "For Neville" email which suggested the practice was more widely used than just by a rogue News of the World reporter. A former editor of the newspaper, Colin Myler, and Tom Crone, the former News International legal manager, both said they "did inform" him of the email.[6]

[edit] The firm of Harbottle & Lewis

Harbottle & Lewis is a London based law firm that was hired by News International. In a letter dated 29 May 2007, Lawrence Abramson of Harbottle & Lewis wrote that the firm had conducted an extensive review and failed to find evidence of widespread wrongdoing. [7] This letter was subsequently used by various News International executives in their defence during a parliamentary investigation into phone hacking in 2009.[7]
The Solicitors Regulation Authority has begun a formal investigation into potential misconduct by Harbottle & Lewis.[8]


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I'm not much into writing mystuffs these days but if you see this, you are whole out there on your own.  I think it's because of US that we have both found our 'place' in this world and I love you with my whole heart. 

I hate the way things have been since our parting and I miss you.  (BUT I love what we have accomplished.)  You are the love of my life and that will never stop.  You complete me in ways that no body else in the whole wide world will ever understand. 

I am so proud of you and my hope 'still' is that one day I will hear your voice again.   I long to meet you and simply sit with you and touch your cheek and hold your hand and brush your hair back. 

You are still my heart's desire and it's beat.  You are in music that surrounds me and you are me at my brightest and best.  I Love You RoboMan! 

19601 N. 7th St. 1106# Phoenix, AZ 85024
719 -232-1070

Scientology (Sonny Bono) Mimi Rogers and Bobby Shriver/Kennedys and Scientology connection

Personal life
One of his daughters is Erin Brodie, who found some fame on television in 2003, while another daughter is married to former NFL quarterback Chris Chandler.
For many years Brodie was affiliated with the Church of Scientology and was one of their leading celebrity spokespersons. His experience with them soured during a Sea Org power struggle in which several of Brodie's friends were expelled and/or harassed, and Brodie resigned in solidarity with them. Said Brodie, "There were many in the church I felt were treated unfairly".[2] Prior to this, Brodie was one of the first 25 Scientologists to achieve the level of OTVII in the church.

USA Gangster Government


It is now news in Australia that new evidence has turned up that suggests that California congressman Sonny Bono was murdered and did not die in a skiing accident as we have been told repeatedly.  Although he was an American whose job was to represent Americans, as far as the mainstream United States press is concerned this news is unworthy of the attention of the people of the United States.  This is the same American press, of course, that never breathed the slightest hint of suspicion that there might have been foul play involved when the experienced skier Bono was reported to have slammed into a tree at the Heavenly Ski resort in Nevada on January 5, 1998.  There were no witnesses, the autopsy report was not released to the public, and Bono had shown himself to be something of a thorn in the side of official Washington, which is probably all the more reason for the lapdogs who call themselves journalists to have dummied up.
For Americans, the new revelations can be found buried away--and ignored by "respectable people"--in the U.S. supermarket tabloid, Globe, of April 14, which hit the news racks on April 4.  They were said to have been gathered by investigator Bob Fletcher, 66, who, according to Globe, was connected to the case even before Bono died:

How Sonny Bono Predicted the Downfall of the GOP Congress

by Sidney Blumenthal | October 23, 2006 - 10:12am

As the fortunes of the Republican Party in the Congress collapsed, I found myself in the middle of a book tour in Palm Springs, California. Promenading down Palm Canyon Drive, I stopped by the larger than life statute of a smiling mustachioed man with an open collar sitting on the edge of a fountain in the center of town.
Sonny Bono, singer, songwriter and mayor, was perhaps the most unlikely person elected in the self-proclaimed Republican "revolution" of 1994.
To mark his rise to power, the new Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, "held a mad celebration featuring people dressed as the cartoon Power Rangers and Rush Limbaugh," as I write in "How Bush Rules: Chronicles of a Radical Regime." "One new Republican member, Sonny Bono, who had fallen from grace as a celebrity, warned Gingrich to guard against hubris."
Bono was the only one at the beginning to warn Gingrich that his arrogance and unchecked will to power would be his undoing. "You're a celebrity now," Bono said. "The rules are different for celebrities. I know it. I've been there. I've been a celebrity. I used to be a bigger celebrity. But let me tell you, you're not being handled right. This is not political news coverage. This is celebrity status. You need handlers. You need to understand what you're doing."
Bono saw the dramatic events unfold before him through the prism of his own dimmed star. He had had it all with Cher and lost it, staging a recovery in the Palm Springs oasis as a politician, which to him was a secondary level of celebrity. Yes, the beat went on, but he had heard it before and louder. That was the insight he imparted to the new Speaker that was instantly ignored.
Gingrich gloried in his rhetoric about "the revolution." He had little use for the experience of the older and wiser song-and-dance man. Instead Gingrich, a failed professor, described himself as a world-historical figure, leader of a universal transformation. It was befitting that one of his closest advisers, the lobbyist Grover Norquist, co-author of Gingrich's political program, the Contract with America, hung a picture of Lenin on his wall. Gingrich was a self-styled Republican Lenin "determined to annihilate his enemies and extirpate the 'counterculture,' as I write in my column in Salon and The Guardian.
This Republican Lenin was followed by the Republican Stalin, "the ruthless consolidator and centralizer," Tom DeLay, the Sugar Land, Texas exterminator. After Gingrich's demise, DeLay put into place his puppet as Speaker, Dennis Hastert, the former small-town Illinois wrestling coach. When DeLay was indicted for corrupt campaign practices and resigned, the "revolution" was left in Hastert's ham-fisted hands. Just as he had tried to cover-up DeLay's ethical transgressions, he and his aides were implicated in the cover-up of Rep. Mark Foley's sexual preying on teenaged pages. Hastert, the bewildered party boss, "transmuted from omnipotent Leonid Brezhnev into ghostly Konstantin Chernenko, presiding over the final decrepit stage."
If only the Republicans had taken Sonny Bono's advice, gleaned from Hollywood, they might not resemble the Soviet Union today.

He became a Scientologist, partly because of the influence of Mimi Rogers, but stated that he was a Roman Catholic on all official documents, campaign materials, web sites, etc. Mary Bono also took Scientology courses.[10]

Mimi Rogers was born on January 27, 1956 to a Christian mother and a Jewish father who was a Holocaust survivor. Rogers is an American actress as well as a competitive poker player. Mimi Rogers is known for her roles in the nude. In 'Full Body Massage', a 1995 film, Rogers was completely nude for almost the whole 93 minutes of the movie. She also did a nude scene for 'The Door in the Floor' at the age of 49 and a nude pictorial for Playboy magazine in 1993. Rogers had got her biggest break after she starred opposite Tom Berenger in 'Someone to Watch Over Me' in 1987. Rogers pre-dominantly features in independent films. Her Hollywood ventures include 'Lost in Space'; she also featured in the hit television series 'The X-Files'. In 1997, she featured as Elizabeth Hurley's mother in 'Austin Powers: International Man of Msytery'. Rogers was member of the Church of Scientology. She was first married to Jim Rogers and later to Tom Cruise. However, her marriage with Tom Cruise lasted just three years. She has been involved with Chris Ciaffa and they have two kids together, Lucy and Charles. She is said to have introduced many in Hollywood to Scientology, including Tom Cruise, Sonny Bono and John Brodie. Rogers has played high stakes poker as a teenager. Rogers is also in the board of directors of the World Poker Tour.

Mimi Rogers
Mimi RogersAKA Miriam Spickler
Born: 27-Jan-1956
Birthplace: Coral Gables, FL
Gender: Female
Religion: Scientology
Race or Ethnicity: White
Sexual orientation: Straight
Occupation: Actor
Party Affiliation: Democratic
Nationality: United States
Executive summary: Someone To Watch Over Me
Something of a child prodigy, Rogers skipped several grades and graduated from high school at the age of 14. Instead of going to college, she spent the rest of her teen years volunteering with charity groups. She also accompanied her father, an accomplished card sharp, on trips to Tahoe, where she illegally (being underaged) played plenty of poker and blackjack. After dabbling with acting "as a hobby," she pursued it as a career, and in 1981 appeared in several episodes of Hill Street Blues. Two years later she had a supporting role in the quickly-canceled carny adventure show The Rousters. The next season she played a past-her-prime model on Lloyd Bridges's short-lived prime time soap opera Paper Dolls.
Her role as Michael Keaton's longsuffering girlfriend in Gung Ho attracted Rogers minor notice, and she followed that with her most acclaimed movie, Someone To Watch Over Me, in 1987. Her other noteworthy films include Trees Lounge, The Mirror Has Two Faces, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, and The Door in the Floor. In the late 1990s she played the recurring role of Agent Diana Fowley on The X-Files. Her many acting embarrassments include Lost in Space, The Geena Davis Show, and Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd.
She is a member of the Church of Scientology, and met her first husband when he was her Scientology counselor. After that marriage ended, she brought Tom Cruise into the cult when they married in 1987. After their 1990 divorce, Rogers starred in The Rapture, as a bar-hopping slut who searched for salvation while the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse came galloping toward the end times.
In 1998, Rogers sued The Home Shopping Network for $10 million, claiming the TV retailers had fed false information to the National Enquirer, leading the newspaper to report that Rogers had thrown a temper tantrum on the set, "cursed like a sailor", and trashed a backstage room when she appeared on HSN to promote her line of exercise equipment. Rogers later dropped the suit, when a federal district court ruled in a preliminary hearing that the Enquirer's account was "largely true."

Father: Philip J. Spickler (Scientology minister, civil engineer)
Husband: Jim Rogers (Scientology counselor, m. 1977, div. 1980)
Husband: Tom Cruise (b. 3-Jul-1962, m. 9-May-1987, div. 1990)
Boyfriend: Chris Chiaffa (b. 1963, cohabiting since 1990)
Son: Charlie Rogers-Chiaffa (b. 30-Jul-2001, 8 lbs 10 oz, with Chris Chiaffa)
Daughter: Lucy Julia Rogers-Ciaffa (b. 20-Nov-1995, with Chris Chiaffa)
Boyfriend: Ed Marinaro
Boyfriend: Tom Selleck
Boyfriend: Bobby Shriver

Bobby Shriver
AKA Robert Sargent Shriver III
Born: 28-Apr-1954
Birthplace: Chicago, IL
Gender: Male
Race or Ethnicity: White
Sexual orientation: Straight
Occupation: Politician, Relative
Nationality: United States
Executive summary: Mayor of Santa Monica
Father: Sargent Shriver (b. 1915, d. 2011)
Mother: Eunice Kennedy Shriver (b. 1921, d. 2009)
Sister: Maria Shriver (b. 1955)
Brother: Timothy (b. 1959)
Brother: Mark Kennedy Shriver (b. 1964)
Brother: Anthony (b. 1965)
Wife: Malissa Feruzzi
Girlfriend: Mimi Rogers (ex)
    University: BA, Yale University
    Law School: JD, Yale Law School
    Mayor of Santa Monica, CA (2010-)
    California State Official Chair, State Park and Recreation Commission (2003-08)
    Kennedy Family
    The Chicago Daily News
    Special Olympics
    Scroll and Key
    Risk Factors: Yoga
    Baltimore Orioles Minority Owner (1989-93)
Official Website:



Bobby Shriver

Co-Founder of A Very Special Christmas

Over the last 10 years, Bobby Shriver has co-founded three organizations to help eliminate the financial and health emergencies threatening the people of Africa. Those organizations are DATA (Debt, AIDS, Trade, Africa), ONE.ORG and (PRODUCT) RED. In addition, Bobby is working locally, currently serving his second term as City Councilman of Santa Monica.
Robert Sargent Shriver III was born on April 28, 1954, in Chicago. He is the oldest child of the late R. Sargent Shriver, Jr., who started the Peace Corps and created President Johnson's War on Poverty programs (e.g., Head Start, The Job Corps) and the late Eunice Kennedy Shriver, who founded the Special Olympics.

http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702304432304576371591562510516.html?mod=googlenews_wsj  (notice this is the Wall Street Journal owned by Rupert Murdoch)  ...cal


  • JUNE 9, 2011

  • Why Wounded Warriors Sleep in Dumpsters

    The government has failed homeless vets suffering from psychological trauma. That's why we're suing the Department of Veterans Affairs.

    A group of desperate homeless veterans became plaintiffs yesterday in a suit, Valentini v. Shinseki, filed in U.S. district court against the federal officials responsible for their plight.
    There are roughly 107,000 homeless veterans in America. Many of them are chronically condemned to wander our streets because the trauma they suffered serving our country has left them profoundly brain-damaged or disabled with terrible psychiatric conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder and paranoid schizophrenia. These wounds of war are physically invisible, but they are no less life-threatening.
    When military service renders our returning soldiers unable to resume their civilian lives—by holding down ...

    Mimi Rogers -Chris Ciaffa video

    “Tom was seriously thinking of becoming a monk. And he thought he had to be celibate to maintain the purity of his instrument. … It became obvious we had to split." As the person who first introduced Cruise to the Scientology, Rogers reportedly also led others to the church, including Sonny Bono and football player John Brodie, for whom she served as auditor.


    The daughter of 49er football great John Brodie has some game of her own: She's going to go for broke on a TV reality show where the stakes are $2 million or bust.

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    NWO Black Scientology The Zionist Connection!


    19-12-2010, 04:52 AM
    So far many has been told about the takeover by the New World Order of the Church of Scientology of California, but not much about the Zionist Conection:

    The reason why the United States is slave to Israel is connected with Scientology, and ranks among the dirtiest, most closely-guarded secrets of both countries and their allies.

    Nothing in this is about religious bigotry against adherents of the Jewish faith or against the people of Israel. This report contains a synthesis and analysis of sober fact about international politics and clandestine operations. It has been compiled from hundreds of sources, some of them operating in sensitive positions in countries whose people are not party to the events described herein and who merely want the facts exposed. This is not to say or even suggest that this report knowingly or illegally contains any specific information that has been taken from documents or records currently classified as military or state secrets in any of the named countries; it does not. The facts were accumulated from non-classified or de-classified sources, although evaluations of and conclusions from those facts have been incorporated into this report that have come from people well qualified to make such analysis and evalutation.

    The facts themselves have had, and continue to have, an important, if largely hidden, influence on international policies and tensions, and go far toward explaining why the United States government has bent repeatedly to the will of Israel in making diplomatic and political decisions that have been destructive, if not disastrous, to its relationships with Middle Eastern and Eastern, and even some European, Scandanavian, and third-world countries.

    Many observers have wondered how such a tiny nation as Israel has been able to keep itself at the dead center of the most explosive international situations, and always has been able to keep its superpower ally, the United States, standing by almost anything and everything Israel does, no matter how extreme, no matter how morally or ethically deplorable.

    In the most simple statement of the situation, the controlling factor is mutual international political blackmail between supposed allies, among them Israel and the United States. The U.S. allies Israel, England, and France all know something that they, and the United States, want suppressed at all cost: that the intelligence branches of all of these countries conspired to perform kidnappings and assassinations, among other international crimes, in carrying out the most egregious covert operations against Scientology, against its founder, against its principals, and against its adherents.

    For many reasons--religious, political, and strategic--the Israeli government, among others, has been involved in U.S. and Western allied covert operations to take over Scientology since at least the mid-1960s. As just one part of Israel's involvement, but a vital part, Israel's Mossad sent Uri Geller to the U.S. in 1972 to be part of a covert U.S. domestic CIA operation, carried out in conjunction with the CIA's "Amazing Randi," to discredit and "debunk" parapsychology around the world, just as the CIA was starting its Remote Viewing program in earnest. Israeli intelligence was well aware that the CIA program was based exclusively upon the secret upper-level works of L. Ron Hubbard, which had been stolen by three American covert agents who had infiltrated Scientology for that very purpose. The three--Hal Puthoff, Ingo Swann, and Pat Price--then were "hired" on a secret contract to run the CIA research program for the benefit of the U.S. and her allies. Geller's and Randi's sole role was to scandalize parapsychology research worldwide in order to deflect public interest away from what the CIA was doing in the field--and the crimes that CIA was committing to do it.

    But that was only one part of the much larger, international plan involving, minimally, the U.S., Israel, the Commonwealth, and France.

    What was known as the Commonwealth at the time the operation began (England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, et al.), as well as France, have all been partners in these black intelligence operations against Scientology, and have been sharing covert information in the fields of parapsychology and coercive mind control research with U.S. and Israeli intelligence since at least the mid-'60s, the bulk of it centered around discoveries and techniques taken, and stolen, from Scientology.

    For reasons explored and explained below, these central world powers--"the Western alliance"--conspired at their Intelligence organization levels to take over complete control of Scientology internationally, and in the process have committed almost every crime and atrocity imaginable.

    This state-sponsored secret war on a peaceful religion by several of the most prominent Western powers, one of them the very seat of Judaism, constituted planned, coordinated, and tax-funded international terrorism on a grand scale. In their continuing effort to cover up their international crimes, these same allies now make an international spectacle of fighting against the very kind of terrorism that their own intelligence agencies invented specifically for the purpose of destroying a world religion.

    The international crimes committed in this decades-long intelligence campaign--conducted behind the iron veil of "national security" secrecy--are secrets that the participating countries have held as leverage against each other, and Israel's knowledge of these dark doings is a trump card Israel has been able to play to extort cooperation from the U.S. in even the most disastrous international situations, with the U.S. then using its influence to bring along its other allies in bowing to Israel's mandates.

    It is the hiding of these international crimes, and the desire of the perpetrators to keep them hidden for their own protection from prosecution and consequences, that has allowed the international blackmail and extortion to take place, resulting in insanely destructive foreign policies that have kept, and are keeping, many uninvolved countries of the world in a constant state of tension and violence, subject always to the unpredictable whims of the stumbling giant called America, which is so busy hiding its crimes that it no longer can think rationally.

    The people involved at the highest levels have been ruthless, and have demonstrated that they will go to any length, including kidnapping, murder, and even the instigation of war in order to hide what they have done from the world.

    It is a situation that has cost many innocent lives, and there are many around the world who want it to stop. That is why this report--a summation of what has been learned and analyzed about these international crimes--is being released now, in the hopes that reason, sanity, and diplomacy can replace blackmail and extortion as the motivating and controlling force in international relations.



    19-12-2010, 04:55 AM
    Mossad at work.


    Dianetics had been perceived as a threat to all mind-control research since the late 1940s. L. Ron Hubbard even announced in his early books that Dianetic techniques could unlock repressed memories of military mind-control techniques having been used on a subject, including the entire arsenal of techniques then being employed, such as drugs of many types and hypnosis.

    It's important to understand that Dianetics was equally a threat to both East and West in the Cold War that dominated world politics for decades. The greatest threat of all was Hubbard himself, since he refused, ever, to allow his discoveries to become the exclusive property of either side, believing that the universal knowledge of the techniques was the only safeguard against Dianetics and Scientology being used destructively by either side.

    In the West, the CIA, soon after the release of Dianetics, implemented top secret mind control programs--BLUEBIRD, MK-ULTRA and others--all part of their Cold War race against the Communist bloc in what CIA and others called "the battle for the minds of men." The hopeless international stand-off policy called "MAD" (Mutual Assured Destruction) with nuclear weapons was a major factor in the super powers turning to mind control as what they hoped would become a very real weapon that might someday defuse the horrendous doomsday scenarios that MAD posed. One important part of the secret parapsychology research even included experiments in psychokinesis--the ability to change physical relationships remotely by mental or spiritual means only--fueled by a hope that this could be developed to the point of very literally defusing intercontinental nuclear weapons.

    Quite in addition to parapsychology, though, the CIA mind-control programs had a darker side that included research in coercive and drugged interrogation, in actual control of behavior by many (and any) means, and in some of the many techniques loosely and imprecisely referred to as "brainwashing."

    Throughout those long-running secret mind-control programs, the CIA and its allied counterparts had to test everything against Dianetics to see if Dianetics could, indeed, lift the veil on memories of their more sinister interrogation and mental manipulation techniques. And in every case, to their endless dismay and frustration, it could. That's why Hubbard was able to write, entirely factually, that no matter what the governments of various countries said about Dianetics and Scientology, they had always known that it worked.

    So intent was CIA to keep up with the latest developments from Hubbard that they needed E-meters to test metered techniques with. Since they couldn't overtly buy them, it was arranged for the FBI to raid Washington, D.C. Scientology headquarters in 1963 and seize a large number of the devices, at least some of which were handed over to the CIA for experiments. When the shoddy excuse for the seizure was finally overturned years later by the courts, and the U.S. government reluctantly had to return the somewhat used meters, a shipment of British-made meters was confiscated by U.S. Customs in a little-known incident in Minnesota, and the CIA has never had to return those.

    Hubbard's research and developments, though, were openly published through the early '60's, and so the Western alliance knew that they had the same access to anything coming out of Dianetics and Scientology that the Soviets and Red China and their allies had access to.

    But by April of 1964, Hubbard was doing research that he was keeping to himself, something with the esoteric name of "R6." As what he called "a trial balloon," he gave a small amount of the data (but not the correct data) to a few people--who promptly used it on others, even though he had forbidden such use. As a result, he said in an issue on security of the new materials: "...You must realize that we suffer, all of us, from the misuse of knowledge concerning the mind at a very early period. To place this data near such people as psychiatrists or even states places them in a position to enslave people... . A very small minority, receiving incorrect data did promptly use it harmfully on others after April 1964."

    Only months later, on 19 June 1964, CIA's Richard Helms--then Deputy Director for Plans, later to become Director of the CIA over the Remote Viewing program--sent a memo (in response to a request) to J. Lee Rankin, General Counsel for the President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy, saying "there is no evidence that the Soviets have any techniques or agents capable of producing particular behavioral patterns which are not available in the West."

    There is no question whatsoever that Helms in fact knew that Hubbard had begun to keep at least some of his higher-level research secret, and there is no question that the West was quiet concerned about what access the Eastern bloc countries might have to Hubbard and his work, despite Helms's glib reassurances to Rankin.

    But in that same memo (redacted by CIA), Helms also gave Rankin at least some glimpse into the U.S. Intelligence community's concentration on "new trends" in research in mind control, particularly parapsychology, and CIA's concern over Soviet directions--couching his statements in euphemisms like "second signal system":

    "SUBJECT : Soviet Brainwashing Techniques

    "...At my request, experts on these subjects within the CIA have prepared a brief survey of Soviet research in the direction and control of human behavior, a copy of which is attached.

    "...There are two major methods of altering or controlling human behavior, and the Soviets are interested in both. The first is psychological; the second, pharmacological. The two may be used as individual methods or for mutual reinforcement. For long-term control of large numbers of people, the former method is more promising than the latter.

    "...The psychological aspects of behavior control would include not only conditioning by repetition and training, but such things as hypnosis, deprivation, isolation, manipulation of guilt feelings, subtle or overt threats, social pressure, and so on.

    "...Particularly notable are attempts to use modern information theory, automata theory, and feedback concepts in interpreting the mechanisms by which the 'second signal system'...affect human behavior.

    "...Current research indicates that the Soviets are attempting to develop a technology for controlling the development of behavioral patterns among the citizenry of the USSR in accordance with politically determined requirements of the system. Furthermore, the same technology can be applied to more sophisticated approaches to the 'coding' of information for transmittal to population targets in the 'battle for the minds of men.' Some of the more esoteric techniques such as ESP or, as the Soviets call it, 'biological radio-communication', and psychogenic agents such as LSD, are receiving some overt attention with, possibly, applications in mind for individual behavior control under clandestine conditions."

    Factually, the Soviets at the time were already far ahead of the West in parapsychology research for military intelligence and mind-control purposes. Not only had the Soviets established the more or less overt Moscow Laboratory of Bio-Information, but they soon would have a top-secret installation at the Institute of Automation and Electrometry in Academgorodok, ("Science City"), near Novosibirsk, Siberia. Known only as "Special Department No. 8," it became a matter of great concern to the Western allies.

    Western attitudes toward parapsychology and related fields was itself a major hurdle for CIA and its allied counterparts. Secrecy, and euphemistic soft-peddling like that in Helms's memo, was the order of the day in the intelligence agencies trying to make headway against Soviet and Eastern advances in the field.

    Such was the atmosphere of extreme international tension when Hubbard unexpectedly made the upper Scientology levels (Clearing and the OT Levels) secret in the mid-to-late 1960s, at the very height of the cold war, and that changed everything.

    The intelligence branches of the Western alliance no longer could be sure that Soviet and Eastern bloc intelligence wasn't finding a way to get their hands on the newly secret Scientology research, at what the West thought might pose an extreme strategic disadvantage to them. They also had no means of even knowing how dire the situation might or might not be, since they had no access to the secret upper levels at all. They had no real idea what Hubbard might be up to. They urgently agreed amongst themselves that the entire subject had to be taken over, not simply for national security purposes for any one of the allied countries, but for the lofty stated (amongst themselves) purpose of international security for "the free world."

    These plans already were being set into motion when L. Ron Hubbard added another level of extreme urgency, first by establishing his own "intelligence agency"--the Guardian Office--on 1 March 1966, and then, almost immediately, on 9 March 1966, making a surprise trip to Rhodesia. This was only shortly after Ian Smith had kicked England out and declared Rhodesia's independence. Because of its natural resources and location, Rhodesia rapidly had became a hotbed of covert operations from both sides of the Cold War, including a heavy clandestine Soviet presence.

    When Hubbard went there unexpectedly--after having announced his final development of even more of the secret OT Levels--the Western allies were immediately alarmed. They thought that Hubbard might have gotten onto their plans, and believed that in retaliation he might secretly have delivered the upper levels to Soviet agents. CIA rushed agents into Rhodesia to locate Hubbard and mounted a combined operation with its allies to get Hubbard expelled from the country as fast as they possibly could--which they did. But they hadn't had track of him when first he had arrived, and they still didn't know what he might have delivered to whom. And so the heat was turned on high.

    Hubbard had hardly returned to England before he turned it up still higher: he started "the Sea Project" (now called "the Sea Org") and moved all of Scientology research and top management off of British soil onto international waters on ships, further foiling the Western allies' attempts at getting Scientology entirely under Western control. Hubbard then exacerbated things even more by visiting ports around the Mediterranean where the Western allies had only tenuous and uneasy intelligence presence and influence, while Middle Eastern religious and political influences dominated--influences known to have friendly relations with the Soviets, and decidedly unfriendly attitudes toward Israel and the West.

    Desperate situations make desperate men, and so a desperate, even hasty (and extremely foolish) plan was then drawn up and put into motion by the Western allies--led largely by the U.S., the Commonwealth, and Israel--not only to take over Scientology, but get rid of Hubbard in the process, and to neutralize Scientology around the world by destroying its goodwill and replacing as much of it as possible with altered and sabotaged versions of it to be sold to the public.


    Anastasius Nordenholz (Scientologie)

    His work Scientologie, Wissenschaft von der Beschaffenheit und der Tauglichkeit des Wissens ("Scientology Science of the Constitution and Usefulness of Knowledge") was published in 1934. The Church of Scientology has actively but in vain tried to suppress the book, as well as the domain name “scientologie”.[1]

    The Free Zone (or independent Scientologists or Scientology Freezone) comprises a variety of groups and individuals who practice Scientology beliefs and techniques independently of the Church of Scientology (CoS).[1] Such practitioners range from those who closely adhere to the original teachings of Scientology's founder L. Ron Hubbard, to those who have so far adapted their practices to be almost unrecognizable as Scientology. The term Free Zone was originally only used by a single organization, but the term is now commonly applied to all non-CoS Scientologists, although many dispute the application of the term to themselves. However, the group whose name became adopted as a generic term for independent Scientology was not the first independent Scientologist group; the California Association of Dianetic Auditors, the oldest breakaway group still in existence,[2] claims a founding date of December 1950, predating the Church of Scientology itself.[3]
    A November 2004 press release published by the International Freezone Association cited what it says was a command written by L. Ron Hubbard himself: "... before you go, whisper this to your sons and their sons: 'THE WORK WAS FREE. KEEP IT SO.'"[4]
    Skeptic Magazine described the Free Zone as: "..a group founded by ex-Scientologists to promote L. Ron Hubbard's ideas independent of the Church of Scientology."[5] A Miami Herald article wrote that ex-Scientologists joined the Free Zone because they felt that Church of Scientology leadership had: "..strayed from Hubbard's original teachings."[6]


    Sea Org

    The Sea Org laurel wreath logo
    HeadquartersGold Base[1]
    LocationRiverside County, California
    Chairman of Religious Technology CenterDavid Miscavige

    The Sea Organization or Sea Org is an association of Scientologists established in 1968 by L. Ron Hubbard, the science fiction writer and founder of Scientology. Its members are found in the central management organizations of the Church of Scientology as well as in individual churches. Initially created at sea, maritime customs and traditions persist today even in the land-based branches of the organization.
    Despite the name, the Sea Organization itself is not an actual incorporated entity, but rather what the Church refers to as a fraternal religious order. Sea Org members do not actually work for the Sea Org, but for the specific Church of Scientology where they are employed and receive their weekly allowance.

    United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea
    UNCLOS logo.png
    Logo of the Convention
    SignedDecember 10, 1982
    LocationMontego Bay, Jamaica
    EffectiveNovember 16, 1994[1]
    Condition60 ratifications
    DepositarySecretary-general of the United Nations
    LanguagesArabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish
    United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea at Wikisource

    The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), also called the Law of the Sea Convention or the Law of the Sea treaty, is the international agreement that resulted from the third United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS III), which took place from 1973 through 1982. The Law of the Sea Convention defines the rights and responsibilities of nations in their use of the world's oceans, establishing guidelines for businesses, the environment, and the management of marine natural resources. The Convention, concluded in 1982, replaced four 1958 treaties. UNCLOS came into force in 1994, a year after Guyana became the 60th state to sign the treaty.[1] To date, 161 countries and the European Community have joined in the Convention. However, it is uncertain as to what extent the Convention codifies customary international law.
    While the Secretary General of the United Nations receives instruments of ratification and accession and the UN provides support for meetings of states party to the Convention, the UN has no direct operational role in the implementation of the Convention. There is, however, a role played by organizations such as the International Maritime Organization, the International Whaling Commission, and the International Seabed Authority (the latter being established by the UN Convention).


    So what is the Sea Org, exactly? Are all Scientologists in the Sea Org? Why are so many critics opposed to it? What do Sea Org members do? How do they live? What was the Cadet Org? This page explains.
    What is the Sea Org?
    The Sea Org, short for "The Sea Organization", is Scientology's parish (for lack of a better word). Not all Scientologists are in the Sea Org, but the most dedicated ones usually are. The current leader of Scientology, David Miscavige, is also in command of the Sea Org.
    The Sea Org's organizational structure is an odd mixture of military and corporate management styles, with staff members living in army-like conditions, receiving boot-camp type punishments for misdeeds, and holding militaristic titles within the organization.
    When a Scientologist joins the Sea Org, he signs a contract agreeing to serve for 1 billion years (no typo - 1,000,000,000 years). Because Scientologists believe in re-incarnation, the Sea Org member is expected to return and serve again in his or her next life.
    For more information on the history of the Sea Org, check out the Wikipedia page.
    What do Sea Org members do?
    Sea Org members handle most aspects and functions of the CoS. Sea Org members do everything from cleaning the churches to fund-raising, from delivering auditing services to investigating critics, from cooking to executive management.
    Sea Org members live together, work together, eat together, and are not allowed to marry outside of the organization.
    Who joins the Sea Org?
    The huge majority of Sea Org members are the children of Scientologists, or else they are long-time Scientologists who have been in the church for years and years.
    This is because not everyone is qualified for the Sea Org. If you have ever taken LSD, or undergone psychiatric treatment of any kind, you are automatically disqualified from joining. However, the children of Scientologists are perfect bait for Sea Org recruiters. Scientology kids almost never do drugs, they have never seen a psychiatrist, they already understand the Scientology lifestyle, they're eager to get out on their own in the world, they have no property, no career, and few possessions to worry about, and they are young enough to be susceptible to guilt-trips, group pressure, and grandiose promises.
    What's the difference between Sea Org and 'staff'?
    Scientologists refer to 'staff' as people who are not in the Sea Org but still work for Scientology. There are certain positions that only a Sea Org member can hold, but there are other jobs that may be held by staff.
    Sometimes people join staff because although they want to help Scientology, they have families to support and can't do it on Sea Org pay. Also, Sea Org members are not allowed to be married to someone who is not in the Sea Org, so sometimes people join staff because their spouse does not want to join the SO. Or, they are disqualified from joining the Sea Org because of drug run-ins during their youth, and joining staff is as close as they can get.
    Staff members are paid very little, and often have to keep another job to make ends meet. They live outside of the org, in their own homes, and the church does not provide food and amenities.
    How many Sea Org members are there in the world?
    We don't have access to those records, but we'd say probably 10,000-20,000.
    What's wrong with the Sea Org, and why do critics oppose it?
    Critics believe that the Sea Organization is one of the most abusive groups in the world. The abuses that go on daily in the Sea Org are all that more egregious because, due to Scientology's religious status, law enforcement is reticent to investigate. Here are just a few aspects of Sea Org life, taken from hundreds of personal testimonials from ex-Sea Org members, that are decried by critics:
    dot.gifSea Org members are not permitted to have children while working for the organization. Couples who get pregnant are either pressured to abort the baby, or they must leave. Often, these people have been in the Sea Org so long, they have nowhere to go, no resume outside of Scientology, no job experience, no finances, no property, and no non-Scientology friends.
    dot.gifAnyone who leaves the Sea Org without permission is declared a Suppressive Person by the Church of Scientology, and is ostracized from family, friends, and loved ones. It is very difficult to get permission to leave the Sea Org, and one cannot simply quit and then walk out the door. The "approved" leaving process involves up to 3 years of hard physical labor, E-metered confessionals, social isolation and group pressure.
    dot.gifSea Org members live in horrible conditions. Unmarried members never have rooms to themselves, regardless of age, but instead live in small rooms with 3-12 other members. Members are often denied proper sleep and are often forced to skip meals because of the pressures of the job.
    dot.gifSea Org members are denied proper medical care. They are not provided health insurance, are not given sick days, and the Sea Org will not purchase their medicine for them. If a free clinic won't provide the medicine someone needs, the Sea Org management won't shoulder the costs. There are numerous cases of people who have become very ill in the Sea Org, or who had pre-existing medical conditions, and were not allowed to seek medical treatment.
    Sickness is also treated as the fault of the sick person, because Scientologists believe that the only reason someone gets sick is that they are connected to a Suppressive Person. They believe that you can decide not to get sick. So when someone becomes ill, they are treated as though they have done something wrong by not "handling" the situation.
    dot.gifBecause Scientology has religious status in many countries, labor laws do not apply to the Sea Org. Therefore, Sea Org members have no protection from long and abusive work hours. Many work 17-20 hours days because of the pressures of the job. Anyone who complains is treated as though they are "not getting with the program", "unethical", or "not on board". There are thousands of minors working under these conditions in the Sea Org.
    dot.gifSea Org members rarely have more than a few hours off a week. Even during this off-time, they are not permitted to go far from the compound where they live and work. If managements decides that they have not worked hard enough, they are not allowed time off for Christmas, New Years, birthdays or national holidays.
    dot.gifAs only married members get rooms to themselves, many children who join the Sea Org marry very young - sometimes at 15 or 16 years of age - just so that they can have a room to themselves.
    dot.gifSea Org members do not have their own phone numbers (unless they are allowed a cell phone), may not watch TV, are not allowed to own a personal computer with internet connections, and are only infrequently allowed to watch pre-approved movies.
    dot.gifSpouses and family members in the Sea Org rarely see each other. The Sea Org management reserves the right to ship different family members off to work in other countries or areas without any approval from the spouse. Husbands may be sent away from their wives, mothers may be sent away from their children, etc. If the family complains, they are punished.
    dot.gifFamilies who have members in the Sea Org and other members who are not in the Sea Org rarely see each other. Mothers and fathers with children in the Sea Org may not call them directly, but must call the organization and ask to speak with them.
    dot.gifLetters that Sea Org members write to their families, and letters that they receive from the outside, are screened by Sea Org censors for "entheta" (unhappiness, negativity) before they are passed on. Anyone complaining of unhappiness in the Sea Org in their letters is disciplined, and the letter is not delivered. If a family member sends a letter to someone inside expressing concern about the conditions there, the censor pressures the intended letter recipient to "handle" the sender, often with a monitored phone call in which they are made to say how happy they are, and that everything is going fine.
    dot.gifIf a Sea Org member commits a punishable offense, they are sent to the RPF, or Rehabilitation Project Force, which is a sort of boot camp for "bad" Sea Org members. People on the RPF may only eat the food left over after the other SO members have eaten, may not speak to a Sea Org member unless spoken to, are not allowed to walk (they must run everywhere), are not allowed holidays, receive even less pay than SO members, and are required to do hard manual labor for long hours. People can be assigned to the RPF for up to 10 years.
    dot.gifMembers are put under tremendous psychological pressure. They are expected work as hard as need be without complaint, sacrificing food, sleep, family, and off hours. Often the things they are asked to do are beyond the realm of human possibility, and yet they are criticized for not getting these things done, even when they've tried as hard as they possibly can. Many Sea Org members who leave cite this as one of the most debilitating aspects of the Sea Org - they work and work and work, and yet their boss tells them it is never good enough. Their bosses, of course, are under exactly the same kind of pressure from their bosses, who are under the same from theirs, and so forth.
    Why would anyone put up with those conditions?
    What most people don't understand is that most of the people in the Sea Org either grew up in Scientology, or have been in Scientology for many, many years. They are trapped in a situation where they really believe they are saving the planet. Many of them put up with these conditions because they have been told that this is the only way they can help mankind, and they honestly believe this is so. They may feel that they are enduring hard conditions, but management tells them that the earth is in peril, and that they endure this hardship for the good of humanity.
    Since anyone expressing doubt or unhappiness is disciplined, no one is willing to outwardly show discontent. Though a person may be unhappy in the SO, he looks around and sees everyone else wearing dedicated faces and doing their jobs, and thinks that something must be wrong with him for wanting to leave.
    Management also paints the world outside of Scientology like an evil place, awash in drugs, sex, and misery. They are told they cannot trust the "real world" law - only Scientology law is good and just, while the legal system outside is corrupt and untrustworthy. While Sea Org members may not be happy, they are constantly told that outside it is much worse. Anyone who leaves is painted as a criminal, a coward, and a traitor.
    Since most of them are denied access to the outside world, they have no opportunity to interact with those who are leading healthy, productive lives outside; and moreover, they are encouraged to think that people on the outside aren't dedicated enough.
    Combine all these factors with lack of sleep, lack of food, and lack of time to think, and you might understand why that many people would "willingly" shoulder that kind of abuse.
    Why hasn't law enforcement done anything about this?
    Good question. Why don't you write your congressman and ask?
    What was the Cadet Org?
    In reading critical testimonies of ex-Sea Org members, you may hear mention of the Cadet Org. The Cadet Org was originally intended as a sort of pre-Sea Org for the children of Sea Org members. However, a few years ago, a ruling was passed that no Sea Org members are allowed to have children. Children were distracting their parents from work, and it was too much financial strain on the organization. So the Cadet Org was disbanded, and is no longer in existence. Now, Sea Org members who get pregnant are kicked out or pressured to have an abortion. If someone who already has children wants to join, the children have to sign the contract, too.


    What does the gold fringe on the American flag mean? 

    According the the USMC NCO hand book the gold fringe was added to
    "military" ( armed forces only) flags indoors only in military buildings only,
    this was done out of respect for the French and the help the gave in WWII.
    In 1959 Pres. Eisenhower signed an ex. order allowing the fringe only in military buildings. During the Iraq war Pres. Bush signed an ex. order outlawing the fringe because of the actions of the French toward the USA.
    Of course the USMC could be all wrong, but I do not think so!


    19th century guidon used by the 7th Cavalry Regiment
    In the United States Army, Marine Corps, and Air Force, a guidon is a military standard that company or platoon-sized elements carry to signify their unit designation and corps affiliation or the title of the individual who carries it. A basic guidon can be rectangular, but sometimes has a triangular portion removed from the fly (known as "swallow-tailed")