Venezuelan beauty queen and model shot dead on June 1, 2011
Karen Virginia Blanco Camargo, Venezuelan beauty queen and model was shot to death on June 1st, 2011.

Karen Virginia Blanco Camargo, Venezuelan beauty queen & model shot to death
Karen Virginia Blanco Camargo, 24, who recently competed in Nuestra Belleza Latina 2011 contest, was shot dead in the early morning of June 1st, according to the website Blanco was with her boyfriend Hugo Enrique Morales, 42, who also died in the shooting. According to reports from several news sites, the couple was leaving a birthday party in the city of Maracaibo in the state of Zulia in Venezuela, when a car carrying the assassins opened fire at the couple without saying a word. It was reported that Morales had tried to avoid the gunfire but was caught at 26 feet from his vehicle.
Meanwhile, Blanco’s body was lying closer to Morales’s vehicle. Witnesses said that the assassins shot her first, and then her boyfriend. Forty shots were heard. Blanco had taken a few days off to return to Venezuela after the
Nuestra Belleza Latina competition where she failed to make the list of 12 finalists. In 2007, she was crowned Miss Tourism Zulia, which allowed her to travel to Malaysia and represented Venezuela at Miss Tourism Metropolitan where she placed second. That same year she was selected to participate in casting of Miss Venezuela 2008.

Recovering in Cuba, Chavez back to tweeting

Recovering in Cuba, Chavez back to tweeting AFP/CUBADEBATE.CU – A handout picture released by the Cuban website, showing ailing Venezuelan President …
CARACAS (AFP) – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who is recovering from surgery in Cuba, was back to communicating by Twitter on Friday, without addressing the controversy over his time spent abroad.
"Good morning to my (Twitter followers). It is my Army's Day, and the sun is shining brightly. I am sending a big hug to my troops and my beloved people," Chavez said in a tweet from Cuba, his top regional ally.
The firebrand leftist leader was hospitalized June 10 in Havana for what officials said was an operation for a pelvic abscess, but turned into an uncharacteristically quiet, prolonged absence.
Officials have insisted that Chavez, 56, is recovering well and continuing to give orders from Cuba, and keeping abreast of developments in Venezuela.
By Sugey Palomares
What is a good reality television show without a little scandal, verdad? "Nuestra Belleza" finalist Juliet Cabrera has found herself in the middle of controversy over half-naked photos that have recently surfaced on the web.
One look at the pictures and you would think that the Cuban contestant belongs on the cover of Playboy instead of on the runway of a beauty pageant. Producers of the hit show, which airs on Univision on Sundays, are currently in talks about whether to keep Cabrera in the competition. Perhaps it will all depend on what kind of ratings this scandal brings in, don't you think?
These photos make Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton seem like angels!
Do you think Cabrera should be eliminated from the competition?
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Mildred Patricia Baena Overshadows Nuestra Belleza Latina Coverage

Mildred Patricia Baena Overshadows Nuestra Belleza Latina Coverage

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The revelation of Mildred Patricia Baena came in a week in which the ganadora of Nuestra Belleza Latina 2011 is unveiled by Latin news. And while Mildred Patricia Baena may have won the affections of Arnold Schwarzenegger, one report out this week claims that Mildred Patricia Baena has also become the biggest Latin news story of the month, not
Univision this Sunday will unveil the winner of its mega-ratings hit Nuestra Belleza Latina. But in advance of that telecast, the same network reports news today claims that Mildred Patricia Baena is really the biggest Latin personality of the week, not Gredmarie Colón, Nicole Suarez, Nastassja Bolivar, and Jenny Arzola, contestants battling for Sunday’s title.
Puerto Rico, Colombia, Nicaragua, and Cuba this Sunday are trying to pick up the 2011 win. But Baena, a Guatemalan immigrant formerly married to an immigrant from Colombia, has already earned the biggest scandal story of the month.
In a story out today, Univision News reports on “Los 10 escándalos de mayo”, the top ten scandal in the month of May. However, if you turned on any U.S. broadcaster this Friday, you would see around the clock coverage about the Dominique Strauss-Kahn alleged assault on a New York maid. In fact, this Friday afternoon, certain U.S. news networks have kept live coverage on Strauss-Kahn, from the court house, to Rikers Island, to his future apartment.
Univision was less overwhelmed by the Strauss-Kahn scandal. It ranked news of the former head of the IMF (or FMI) as the fourth biggest story of the month.
So how did Mildred Patricia Baena and Nuestra Belleza end up against each other? Season after season, Nuestra Belleza Latina has produced earth shattering ratings for Univision during telecasts of its semi-final and final rounds on Sunday nights. So the logical assumption is that Baena is no ratings competition for the mega Sunday’s telecast.
Think again. Univision News today reports “This year the competition is fierce because there are only four and not six as finalists last year.” I adds ” his Sunday will be the end of Nuestra Belleza Latina and will only be one winner among these four beautiful women … Do not miss the last chapter will be full of excitement and of course much beauty.”