Friday, February 3, 2012

Pedophiles in our schools

A few weeks ago was my first watching of the TV series; 'The Firm' (John Grisham), I noticed Juliette Lewis plays a role and she is a Scientologist. hmmmmmmmm
Juliette Lewis (born June 21, 1973)[1] is an American actress and singer. She gained international fame for her role in the 1991 thriller Cape Fear for which she was nominated for both an Academy Award and Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress. This followed with major roles in What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Natural Born Killers, The Evening Star, and From Dusk Till Dawn. Her work in television has resulted in two Emmy nominations.

2nd teacher pulled from S. Calif. school
LOS ANGELES -- A second teacher has been removed from a classroom at a Los Angeles elementary school where a teacher this week was charged with photographing children for sexual thrills.

(This guy laced cookies with sperm and then gave to kids and video taped children with their mouths taped. OMG, the school admin protected him from parents similar to Penn State, ey?)
Scientologist and actor, James Barbour, JAILED FOR HAVING SEX WITH CHILDREN (I watched the video and hope you will too, BTW, the music in backgrounnd is theme from 'The Exorcist'.)
James Stacy Barbour (born April 25, 1966), a.k.a. James Barbour, is a singer and Broadway actor. He graduated from Hofstra University with a degree in Acting and a minor in Philosophy.

Wikipedia search on this guy (Barbour) and it says nothing of him being a Scientologist
Scilon James Barbour is at it again.=

SAN DIEGO -- Broadway actor James Barbour is leaving a San Diego production of "The Rocky Horror Show" days after it was revealed that he had sexual contact with a 15-year-old girl.
On his Facebook page, the 45-year-old actor says he's leaving because of unexpected issues with his wife's pregnancy. She's expecting their second child in October.

James Barbour, Broadway Actor, Drops Show After Teen Sex Revelation (no mention in this article that Barbour is a Scientologist)
Actor James Barbour pleads guilty to sexual crimes with a minor... a short video is online of the Scientologist Barbour speaking at some gathering, the article intimates that Barbour as a person is not deeply concerned with Scientology... hmmmmmmmmmm

Hill & Knowlton in Sourcewatch (Knowlton goes to the Maldives)

Scientologists distort Buddhist History ........

I just read an article that Hill & Knowlton had dropped Scientology as a client....... If I remember correctly the article was back in 1991 and was done at the behest of other BIG compaies such as Pepsico

There is a volunteer ministry online for Scientology if you wanna join. hmmmmmmmmm (The link doesn't mention Scientology but does inside)

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