Monday, February 6, 2012

Now this is Chicago Politics/Ray Lahood better be careful with his son in custody in Egypt
Whose Bike Share is Biggest?
By Andrea Bernstein | 12/16/2011 – 11:53 am

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is joined by Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to Announce Tiger Grants (photo: Chicago Mayor's Office)
In a conference call Thursday announcing transportation grants, U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood crowed that “In the Chicago area, $10 million will go to bike share, the mayor has a vision to create the largest bike share program in the country, and the other $10 million in Chicago goes to the Blue Line.”
Bike Sharing with RF-ID The Portland City Council today approved a community bicycling sharing program.

Bike sharing allows users to check their rentals back in at any station in the city. RF-ID is used to identify bikes and riders. It will cost about $4 million, with $2 million from federal funds and $2 million from private investments.
City Bike Plan Is Accused of a Neighborhood BiasBy DAVID LEPESKA
Published: October 15, 2011
Mayor Rahm Emanuel plans to spend nearly $150 million to make Chicago “the bike-friendliest city” in the United States. That challenge is considerable, given Chicago’s slow start compared with Portland, Ore., and other bike-centered cities, and Mr. Emanuel’s initial plan is drawing complaints about an inequitable distribution of the investment.

Rahm Emanuel GPS President/V. President
The REAL ID Act of 2005 was a bill that set federal standards for U.S. state drivers' licenses and identification cards, barring federal agencies from accepting state IDs and licenses that do not comply with the Act. It was introduced and passed by the House in 2005 (during the 109th Congress), and later approved by both the House and Senate as part of a larger appropriations bill. To comply with the Act, states would have to adjust the documentation that they accept for issuing drivers' licenses and IDs, including verifying lawful presence in the country. They would also have to maintain databases of driver information, including copies of the documentation submitted by state residents, and make that information available nationwide.
Aldermen Burke, Reilly Call On Library Employees To Forgo Raises To Reopen Libraries On Mondays
The standoff between Mayor Emanuel and unionized Chicago Public Library employees took another twist yesterday as two prominent aldermen suggested library employees give up planned pay raises in order to restore library service on Mondays.
Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis says Mayor Rahm Emanuel “exploded” at her during a conversation in his office about his signature longer-school-day effort, pointing his finger at her, yelling and telling her, “F--- you, Lewis.”

Rahm Emanuel 'Never let a good crisis go to waste' (Hillary speaking but I just watched Emanuel say it in another video) (It seems to me that Donald Trump is missing an opportunity to tell Rahm Emanuel, 'You're fired!')
Chicago Coalition Against War and Racism
Sat., Sept. 8th: Not one more DIME for the War!
While most of the country opposes the Iraq war, Congressman Rahm Emanuel has steadfastly supported it, voting for every single one of Bush's war funding bills.

Rahm Emanuel vs Unions (Ruenstein's JMC and the Carlyle Group)
Beachwood-based JMC Steel Group reportedly is considering moving its 50-job headquarters to Chicago, thanks to nearly $4 million in tax incentives.

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