Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wikileaks Movie Trailer and more Anonymous songs

5200 Pentagon Employees PURCHASED Child Pornography

Homeland security launches investagaion of ICE top official

Operation Flicker arrests thousands around the world

Anonymous Song: Still Inside (with lyrics)
(please watch this as it the music may not hold your interest at first but Ron Hubbard is mentioned) ...cal

Wikileaks Movie Trailer


Muslim DHS Intelligence Analyst Gets Wrist-Slap After Stealing, Laundering $2 Milln to Palestinians
by Marla on January 23, 2012 in Corruption, Creeping Sharia, Islamization of America, Muslim Brotherhood, Obama Foreign Policy, Obama Propaganda, Tyrrany with 2 Comments By Debbie Schlussel
File this outrage under: How the Department of Homeland Security “Practices” the “If You See Something, Say Something” Policy Internally.


Anonymous Rap - Hackers (Rap song)(Lyrics)(Free Download)
We are anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us!

Verse 1

Distributed denial of Service
the Barbs are Stacheldrat
When DOS attacks
Suits without a Head
Get scared and shit they Slacks
See what we lacks A Sense of Compassion
our Justice must be Swift
Hal Turner hurting the pockets
of White Supremacists
These Nemesises
Never This Vicious
We Troll the Net for Missions
If evils your position
Your files gonna come up Missing
with a Post they Dissing
Posturing and Speaking outta Fear
Super Consciousness
our Warriors are Virtual Bombardiers
We dont Forgive
We Dont forget
expect Us
Wasn't No one to Protect us
Come together as a Legion
Internet Unite Connect us
We will make our Presence known
with Guy Fawkes on a Megaphones
SQL inject Intravenously like its Prednisone
Rebelling on a larger Scale
We Jona's came to slay the whale
we Hip to they Slitherings
Swinging them lizards by they Tail
we Check they Mail
Deface a Proffesional Looking webpage
When i rhyme
I wake the Sheeples Catatonic Veg Stage
bottling the Message
Encapsulated in a Rap track
black Faxes
Project Chanology
target Fat cats
But they Backtrack
& Im the type of Person never had Jack
Destruction of Chris Forcand
put Away that Sad Sack
We Vigilant the Vigilantes
Higher Stake and up the Ante
cross Site scripting
Felicia Palmer with Bunched up Panties
Epilepsy Foundation forum Invasion
Turks & Brazilians Tunisians even Malaysians

Verse 2

Trained to vent they Raging
I give a fuck about a cussing Club
Mckay Hatch
profanity i Spew it
For the Fucking Love
& Cus i can
& who The hell is you
To try and change a man
Operation Payback
Bradical avenga Assange
intelligent Israelis
With Viruses know as Stuxnet
programming logic Controllers
& Rootkit Subsets
We need to know
trying to Feed the Homeless
Cops are screaming No
Government & Corporate
sources we Must Defeat our Foes
As Freedom goes
They Trying sniff us Out
and get them ISP's
Reversing the cameras on computers
feds are Eyeing Me
Marine Corp brig
Bradley Manning Naked at Quantico
maximum Security method
With tortures Chronicled
to Aaron Barr
Forever you will Walk around
with Slash & Scar
Don't crash your Car
executives Are worshipping the Morning Star
It is Bizarre
that People are the ones Oppressing People
When will the day come?
we recognize as Equals?
Electronic money from Satoshi Nakamoto
Spending Bit Coins on ho's for they Photos
with no Kimonos
Remarkable power the Python
Is Clear in Syntax
International federation of Phono
been Jacked
The Script Kiddies
hack into the Mainframe of Big Cities
You tube videos for Children
that showing Big titties
No Pity for the Oppresive
& get it through your Skulls
We were born to Change the World
evolving Past the Hacks for Lulz

Suga P- Scientology song (Lyrics in Description)


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