Friday, February 3, 2012


A few weeks ago was my first watching of the TV series; 'The Firm', I noticed Juliette Lewis plays a role and she is a Scientologist. hmmmmmmmm

2nd teacher pulled from S. Calif. school
(This guy laced cookies with sperm and then gave to kids and video taped children with their mouths taped. The school admin protected him from parents, hmmmmmmmm)

Scientologist, James Barbour, JAILED FOR HAVING SEX WITH CHILDREN (I watched the video and hope you will too.)

I did a wikipedia search on this guy and it says nothing of him being a Scientologist

Ed Rollins in Sourcewatch is a Repulican that uses walk-around money and gives to blacks, he worked for Reagan

A few weeks ago I turned myself on to 'The Firm' a John Gresham TV series and noticed that Juliette Lewis plays in it and she is a Scientologist

James Barbour, Broadway Actor, Drops Show After Teen Sex Revelation (no mention in this article that Barbour is a Scientologist)

Actor James Barbour pleads guilty to sexual crimes with a minor... a short video is online of the Scientologist Barbour speaking at some gathering, the article intimates that Barbour as a person not deeply concerned with Scientology... hmmmmmmmmmm

Hill & Knowlton in Sourcewatch (Knowlton goes to the Maldives)

Scientologists distort Buddhist History ........

I just read an article that Hill & Knowlton had dropped Scientology as a client....... If I remember correctly the article was backin 1991 and was done at the behest of other BIG compaies such as Pepsico

There is a volunteer ministry online for Scientology if you wanna join. hmmmmmmmmm (The link doesn't mention Scientology)

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